Coyote Run Women’s Golf Association Golf with us

Welcome Back Pizza Party 2018


Eclectic Tournament Day 1- 2018











Eclectic Tournament Day 2


  • Eclectic Flight Winners 2018


Shelley Lehrkind,  JoAnne Sheerin, Diane Coole, Sue McCoy, Laurie Brinkman, Cindy Gee, Gaylene Lindbloom

Christmas Gala


Hole in One 2018-2019





Ruth Brockman (left) Hole in One on #16





President’s Cup Winners 2019


Ruth Atnip, Ardie Vandenbos, Peggy Findlater, Nancy Gerlach, Sue Kolonkowski, Donna Townsley, Lulu McQueen


Chick with Sticks 2019 – “Whiskey and Women”





















Club Championship Day 2


Club Champion (on left) Ardis VanDenbos
Club Champion Ardis VanDenbos and Pro Shop Staff
Club Champion and Flight Winners for Club Championship

Fun Day Tournament